Shasta was my first Border Collie. She and I have attended competitions together throughout the Western states (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado). Shasta is excellent at both agility and sheepherding. She is quick, intelligent and has a real desire to please. She's also fast, which has challenged us in both agility and herding.

Shasta is a beautiful brown and white smooth coated Border Collie and is very good with people and other dogs. Her temperament is great and she loves attention.

She finished her USDAA AD title in May of 2000. Shasta qualified for the 2001 USDAA Nationals in Del Mar. She has also completed her AKC NA and AXJ titles. Shasta competes in the Pro-Novice level at USBCHA trials that she has attended.

Shasta has had two litters and I've been fortunate enough to keep pups from both litters. Mist is from Shasta's first litter. Shasta was bred to Renee Newcomb's Grit and produced three great pups: Pete in Arkansas(owned by Renee Newcomb) who qualified for the USBCHA Nursery Finals last year and has won several trials in 2008 running at the Open Ranch level. Nike in California, who is working on her Herding and Agility (owned by Jeff Fint). Reign is with me in Colorado and has been competing in Agility. I'm also fortunate enough to have Kit out of Mist, who takes after her grandmother Shasta in many ways.

Shasta is now 13, so she's pretty much retired from Agility.  I do let her work the sheep occasionally, which she still loves to do.   She is enjoying be the house couch dog though.

Here are some photos of Shasta. (Click on the titles to view the photos)

Go, Go, Go The Tire Jump Thinking Ahead? Posed Close Up
Where is the next one? Relaxing Flying High Over the Jump Weaving

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