Reign is out of my dog, Shasta and Renee Newcomb's Grit (Jig x Roy). Reign was born just before Christmas 2002. She is a black tri with an aguti coat and has very little white. Reign has    interesting ears, with one prick and one that flops over most of the time. One of her favorite things to do is to give hugs to people, she is very affectionate and loves her attention.

She finished her AD in May of 2005, her AAD in April of 2006, and her MAD in April of 2007. Reign has recently completed her JCH, GCH, RM, and SACH titles in USDAA.   Reign has also completed her AKC AX AXJ & OF titles.

Reign is currently our pack lead, and she's very fair, so I'm pretty happy that she took that role from Jig .  I'm so glad that my husband, Chris picked out Reign as the pup that was going to stay from that litter.  Reign was a little slow to mature, but now that she has, I couldn't be happier with this dog.

Reign has started to work our sheep, but has a lot of natural presence, so she has to work quite far from her sheep. She enjoys working the horses more, since that requires a bit more push. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to work her on cows later this year.

Reign. (Click on the titles to view the photos)

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