Mist is from Shasta's litter of pups in 1997. Her father is Kathy Knox's Ettrick Bob. She is a beautiful smooth coated tri and is very anxious to please. Mist has a very sweet disposition and enjoys the company of people very much.

She is a quick learner and has done very well with her agility career. She completed her USDAA AD title in July of 1999, her AAD in January of 2001, and her MAD in May 2002. Mist completed her ADCH title in October of 2003. In 2006 Mist completed her USDAA GCH, SCH, SACH, RCH, and JCH.  She obtained her MX, MXJ and NF titles in AKC, but those DQ's are tough for us to obtain. Mist has qualified for the USDAA Grand Prix and Steeplechase multiple times across the past 8 years.  I moved Mist to the Performance class late in 2007.   She's loving jumping 16" and enjoys still getting to play at 11 years of age.

In the Spring of 2004 Mist gave birth to three beautiful puppies. Helen Phillip's Nick is the sire of this outstanding litter. I'm lucky that all three pups live in Colorado: Jolt AD UD MX MXJ MXF (owned by Helen Phillips), Checkers AD (owned by Leslie Donohue), and Kit AAD OA NAJ NF (owned by myself). All three pups had their very first USDAA trial together in January 2006, so that was very exciting.

Mist  (Click on the titles to view the photos)
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