Kit is the youngest member of our canine family. Her parents are my dog Mist and Helen Phillip's Nick. Kit was born in April 2004. She is a little different looking, being a red tri with a lot of ticking. I like to think she looks like a cross of her two grandmothers, Jig and Shasta. Kit is a very sweet dog and likes people and other dogs. However, watching agility is a bit more exciting than either of those.

Kit started to compete in AKC trials in October of 2005 and completed her NA and NAJ titles in November 2005,  her NF title in March 2007, and her OA title in January 2008.  Kit completed her USDAA AD title in August of 2006 and her AAD in July 2007. With her move to Masters she is now jumping 26" and has won her first Grand Prix in January 2008.  Kit is very talented with both agility and herding. She's much quieter working livestock vs. the agility however.  It's amazing how quiet and gentle she is with the lambs.

Below are some pictures of Kit:

Kit As a puppy Weavepoles Tire Jump Teeter Dogwalk

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