In June of 2007 at the age of 12, we lost our beloved Jig.  Jig was one of the most powerful and fastest of my Border Collies. If you were playing ball you can bet that Jig will be the one to recover the ball 4 out of 5 times. She was very smart and knew to watch the flight of the ball and she was a master at judging the bounces. Even if all that failed, she had such tremendous acceleration and speed that she could almost always get there first.

Jig started agility competitions in the summer of 1998 and managed to score several first place finishes. She completed her USDAA MAD title January 2003, and finished her RM and JM titles also. Jig also had a few Steeplechase wins to her credit at the 26" jump height. Jig earned her MX and MXJ titles in AKC.

During the 2005/2006 school year, Jig learned Swiss-German and was handled by Nicole Frei from Switzerland. Jig and Nicole earned their AKC NAP & NJP titles along with their USDAA PI and JH-Beginner titles. Nicole also qualified Jig for the 2006 Performance Grand Prix. I finished up Jig's AKC OAP & OJP titles before she passed away.

Jig was a very affectionate dog and loved to get all the attention she could. Being loved on was a very good thing to Jig. She was a very different looking Border Collie as you can see from her picture. Jig was an incredible mother and produced several outstanding agility and herding dogs. Jig has four offspring competing in agility in Texas, ADCH Jenna LAA-Platinum (owned by Diane Carson), Jenna is also currently the top Lifetime 22" Gamblers dog.  ADCH MACH2 Juice LAA-Silver (owned by Marcus Topps) Juice and Marcus were members of the AKC World Team 2006 and will represent the USA again in 2008, as members of the AKC 2008 World Team, ADCH Rig MX MXJ(owned by Elizabeth Armstrong), and ADCH Detour LAA-Gold AX AXJ (owned by Cherie Wittenburg). In California, you can see Flirt (owned by Ginny Carlson) doing agility. Grit (owned by Renee Newcomb)in Arkansas is trialing in USBCHA at the Open level (herding). Here in Colorado Jig has one pup, Nick UDX2 RA HSAs HIBs HXAs HXBs MX MXJ XF AAD HTDIII (owned by Helen Phillips). She has left an incredible legacy of outstanding dogs, another of her talents.

Jig retired from agility at 12 years old. Her age was starting to catch up with her. She enjoyed beating up on her granddaughter, Kit , and reminding her, that she’s still in charge. Jig was able to enjoy the new lambs we had in the Spring of 2007, before she crossed over the rainbow bridge.   We miss you Jig.

Here are some photos of Jig. (Click on the titles to view the photos)

Jig Photos
Weave Poles The Tire Jump

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