Fly is a dark tri colored Border Collie with an outstanding disposition. Fly is out of Dr. Roger Schroeder's imported dog's Don and Mist. She gets along with almost all other dogs and people. Fly is quick and very intelligent. She started competing in agility in 1998. She earned her AAD in USDAA in September of 1999, and her MAD in July 2001. Fly has also completed her RM, JM and SM titles respectively. Fly won the 2000 USDAA 22" Grand Prix in Albuquerque, New Mexico and went on to compete at the USDAA Nationals in Del Mar. She qualified for the 2001 USDAA Nationals four times and ran again in Del Mar. Fly also qualified for the 2002 USDAA Nationals. Fly has earned the MX, MXJ, OAP, AJP, and NFP titles in AKC.

One of Fly's unusual "talents" is the way she "talks". It is a cross between a howl, a whine and heaven knows what. She looks at you as if you should understand what she is saying.

Fly has been recovering from a couple torn ACL injuries in 2003 & 2004. Her TPLO surgeries both went very well. Following Fly's rehab, we moved her to the Performance and Preferred agility programs.   She's really enjoyed getting a chance to jump 16", and still being able to compete some at 12.

Tire Jump Over the Jump Fly

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